How to build a SAAS PRODUCT (the right way)

How to Build a SaaS Product (the Right Way), is an email course that’s jam-packed with the material you need to start building your SaaS product right.

Let me warn you, though-- some of this material is not what you’d expect…

In a world where the staggering majority of new products fail, doing the unexpected has brought many new products to the forefront of the market, and has framed my path to success.

In the following lessons, I’ll teach you what I’ve learned as a software developer, and SaaS founder.

I’ll teach you how to narrow your focus with a highly targeted (highly effective) value proposition.

I'll teach you how to create your own story map (one that will help you navigate the bumpy road to product development), and I'll help you evolve your business plan from a concept to a prototype, to a fully functional, fully realized product.

I'll teach you how to test and validate your product BEFORE you get to market, and help you finally reach MVP with a saas product you're proud of.

About The Author

I work with entrepreneurs who have that “itch” to develop a SaaS as a second (or third, or fourth) company.

I am familiar with that entrepreneurial itch myself, starting my first SaaS business in Brazil when I was 17 years old.

After five years running the company, sold it for a good profit and moved to the United States in 2012. I worked as the lead developer on a big e-commerce site before starting my own company, DevSquad, which is now thriving.

Course Overview


Creating value proposition that completly changes everything.

We all just want to help, right? When setting-out to build a SaaS product, we want 3 things:

1 - Terrific, intuitive software

2 - A product that helps people

3 - and to be profitable

In order to achieve these things, many of us want to help EVERYONE. This is a nice thought, but it’s a bad strategy. Attempting to appeal to everyone can backfire and you’ll end up appealing to no one specifically enough to be remembered.

Which is bad…

Instead, I’ll teach you how to create a powerful value proposition; one that, in just a few words, will show consumers who you are and why you are the only one that can do your thing.

With examples of great value props, some that have missed the mark, and templates that will help you create your own hyper-focused value proposition, you'll be ahead of the curve by the time you finish Lesson 1.


The well-know, but poorly understood way to draft user stories that gets you speedier development.

I’ll teach you about user stories, customer personas, and how to logically breakdown your planning (both business and product) so that you can actually get stuff done. 

A customer persona is a tool that enables you to understand and empathize with your consumers so that you can engage with them in a more meaningful way.  

That's important. 

Understanding your customer is invaluable to both your product and your marketing. If you know how to do this, not much else can stand in your way. I’ll give you examples of stellar customer personas and a complete guide to building your own.


Getting back to the fundamentals so you can easily prototype and wireframe your saas app.

This is where you’ll learn how to create a wireframe, a prototype, and why it is absolutely crucial to do them both.

After building hundreds of my own, I’ll share some key points with you about how to make the most complete wireframes and prototypes. I’ll show you which software can help you do it most efficiently and, to tighten your grip on the concept, I’ll show you how some of the websites you’re already familiar with would look in a wireframing stage.

Remember, your product is king. You might be the CEO, but your consumers determine your cash flow. In other words, you have to prototype! Your success and your profitability are contingent on whether or not your software works and flows smoothly.

Remember, you can’t add training wheels to your market!

So build them an app that they can navigate intuitively.


Building amazing prototypes naturally leads to testing those prototypes.

Before taking a product to market, you have to be absolutely sure that it’s ready to be there. You have to confirm with real users that the product can stand alone, and that people are comfortable and happy using it. Perhaps above all else, you have to be certain people are willing to pay for it.

In Lesson 4, I’ll teach you how to find failure points in your concept, stumbling points in your code, and how you can use these failures to your advantage.

I’ll teach you about an often-missed opportunity that can make or break your business, and what questions you can ask “testers” to ensure you're gaining the most possible benefit from testing your product.

I’ll help you validate your software, and reveal the number 1 determining factor of a successful startup business.


Finally, Lesson 5 is all about what you have to do to get your product to market.

Despite all the work that comes before this step, this is the most difficult and definitely the riskiest stage for any SaaS business.  

Why? There’s a lot of things that can go wrong.  

Many things that seem like great ideas are actually landmines waiting to blast your progress to smithereens, or, at least slow it way, WAY down.  

And you don't have time for that.  

At this stage, founders must tread very carefully. You have to consider the pros, the cons, and all the possible outcomes of launching your MVP, bringing new people on-board your project, and sharing responsibilities (and equity) with new partners.  

I’ll show you what to look for in developers, what to expect if you outsource, and what you can do to ensure the most successful launch.

So... Are you ready?

We’re going to cover a LOT of material in the next few days, enroll now and you’ll be ready to launch a SaaS Product that will take the market by storm! 

  Don’t wait for the opportunity to softly rap at your door. Instead, let me show you how to create your own opportunities and how to build your software product the right way.

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