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Planning Poker Playing Cards

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Planning Poker Card Deck

Agile Sizing

Have you ever wished for an easier way to be the most productive version of yourself? We have! And in a quest to be our very best, we found a tool that can help your team become more efficient.

Just complete the form above, and we'll send our Agile sizing Planning Poker deck for for free. You'll pay just $2.99 for USPS shipping. 

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Don't wait to do better! Start accelerating your team now with this free Planning Poker card deck!

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Trust us, this little box will help you do big things...

  • unify your team
  • estimate projects more accurately 
  • streamline your workflow
  • improve your agile process
  • reach milestones faster
  • better manage project expectations
  • create a viable metric with which you can measure future work 


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